How to Know Which Friends/Company You Need on Your Life

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How to know which friendscompany you need on your life

How to Know Which Friends/Company You Need on Your Life


There are several ways on how to tell if a person is a good match for you. In general, people with similar interests tend to get along well. You can enjoy activities together, travel to new places, and learn from each other’s experiences. In addition, these people are typically great conversationalists.

Be an investigator

If you’re someone who is always on the lookout for clues to someone’s whereabouts, becoming an investigator may be the career path for you. As an investigator, you will be fascinated by the unknown, and will love working alone and pursuing research. You’ll also value analyzing and evaluating your own course of action.

Investigators are part of the “head-based” triad of Enneagram personalities. They’re motivated by various reactions to fear, and they strive to protect their inner resources from external influences. However, once they learn to let people in, they experience true growth.

An investigator is a person who is able to weed out fiction from fact. They can gather evidence and interview witnesses, search through databases, and decode mysteries. They also work alongside attorneys. Child custody cases are incredibly complicated and rely on complicated law, so they need lawyers involved.

Be consistent

It is important to have consistency in your life. This means making sure that you are making time for friends on a regular basis. For example, if you had a friend since childhood, it is important to check up on them often. A friendship can fall apart if you do not spend time with them often.

Be a good listener

A good listener doesn’t worry about what to say next, but instead focuses on understanding the message the other person is trying to convey. If you interrupt someone while they’re talking, you’ll only frustrate them and miss out on the message altogether. Active listening requires concentration and determination, and is difficult to break.

Being a good listener takes practice, and you’ll find that it can be very rewarding. Those who know how to listen to others without interrupting are often able to recognize when you’re listening to the wrong person, and can ask follow-up questions.

Good listeners make it a point to keep their cell phones out of sight during conversations. They appear to forget them when they’re in company, but according to Psychology Today, the presence of a cell phone disrupts a conversation by taking attention away from the person in front of you. When this happens, the power of face-to-face interactions is lost.

Be a good friend

A good friend is someone who makes you feel comfortable and accepts you for who you are. They do not try to be someone they’re not. Instead, they enjoy your company and do things that you like. They don’t interfere with your conversation or share personal information. In addition, they don’t judge you.

A good friend understands your needs and feels your pain. They listen and validate your feelings and help you find perspective. They also have a great sense of humor, which helps them appreciate the quirks of others. They are a great source of support when it’s most needed.

Having good friends is essential for your health. It’s just as important as getting enough sleep or exercising. But if you’re constantly canceling on your friends, you’re not being a good friend. It takes time to build a lasting relationship. Hanging out with good friends is fun, and friendships take time to develop.

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